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Motivarea angajatilor training firmaIt’s easy and frequent to talk about motivation, there are many options and solutions offered on the market. But the same subject can bring a lot of frustration. This happens because when it comes to count the costs your excitement can drop very low. The reason is simple; the lack of motivation of your employees costs a lot of money. And it’s not only about the money but also lack of innovation and progress. Nowadays lack of continuous adaptation and innovation can lead any company sooner or later to bankruptcy. Oscillating yield and a relatively high percentage of demotivated employees or the permanent need to re-motivate them can bring any firm very easily to stagnation or regress.

[box] Did you know about negative motivation? Did you know that over 50% of your employees are not motivate or that 17% of them are actively demotivated? [/box]

Motivatia Angajatilor curs firme TimisoaraIt’s time for the most efficient companies, big or small, to use the real data about motivation. For decades companies are using expired and scientifically proved wrong data to motivate and keep motivating their employees. Team buildings which last till next Monday, premiums, bonuses and expensive packages that look great and attract employees at first, but have no effect on their motivation on a medium or a long term. In fact companies largely just copy what others do. It could be the social requirement that makes them pressured to align, or other reasons that won’t make them thrive more but part of an already standardized herd.

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Motivation is not an easy matter, but it can be mastered and controlled. Long-term employee motivation can become an applied science within your company. With the right information at hand, an adapted and customized strategy to your industry and regarding the department you want to improve incredible results can be achieved. Such as:

  • cost efficiency with spending cuts;
  • increased efficiency and dedication of their employees, including loyalty;
  • quick identification of the errors and the needed fixes ;
  • increased creativity and innovation which result in new solution, products, services, otherwise unlikely to be discovered;
  • increased autonomy and initiative of the employees, this way many unpredictable situations can be controlled and even avoided ;
  • competitiveness growth resulting a healthy competition between employees with benefic effects over the company and the individuals involved;
  • wellbeing and satisfaction at the work place with different results including less sick days and reduced absenteeism for varies reasons;
  • big change for the company to become a top employer which attracts many but also the most suited candidates .

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And these are only a portion of the results that can be obtained when you use the right information about human motivation. With a symbolic investment you can place a solid base for a healthy business on a long term, together with the most motivated employees of course.

One Day Training In Your Officemotivarea angajatilor training firme

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!!! No minimum participants. We have a maximum limit though: 12.
(this way we won’t exclude small companies which needs such a training too and are mostly excluded from such opportunities)

Target Group: management and HR

Note! We can split the day in 2 halves. We work on Saturday too.


There are so many myths about motivation. You can see below a TOP 10. Yes it’s in Romanian, but maybe you’ll grab some parts of it 🙂 During the training day you’ll find out a lot more, we promise.

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