"When all makes sense, and you understand how things work you become unstoppable." Cristina Imre


Knowledge ~ Respect ~ Vision

UPDATE! Currently, I am running and growing a media agency specialized in ONLINE BRANDING through video and podcast. Therefore, all of my services are on hold (indefinitely), except for keynote opportunities. My passion is to inspire big numbers of people to become better and that’s why I will do that every time my time allows me to, and the event aligns with my values to produce a positive change for the crowd.

what do i do?

I help top achievers solve their problems and reach their goals in the new era we are entering!!!

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Cristina built her life on human knowledge till the core, without avoiding any experiences and without blinking when things went down the hill or took a different turn. A pioneer and visionary, Cristina breaks through dysfunctional patterns from business, career and personal life, while emphasizing the importance of personal development at any level. She’ll guide you through personal transformation preparing you to gain the right mindset and skills to survive and thrive in the new era when many will be washed away. 

Words like experience and experiments combined through a nonconventional way became her hallmark.

“If you’re afraid from exposure and testing new things or, boundaries, having a constant fear of ridicule and inadequacy your perspectives will stay extremely limited.”

After 18 years of research through unique personal and classical methods, although she’s not a fan of certifications and show-offs, Cristina can be rightfully called a “human reader,” problem fixer, motivator, and strategist.

Exemplifying her savory profile you can also call her (professionally) a doctor, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, author, marketer and salesperson. As an amateur, you can add profiler, sportive, nutritionist, designer, astrologist, trader and poker player.

All these experiences help her connect with different mindsets at a very personal level, doesn’t matter if it’s an entrepreneur, CEO, a public person or an athlete. 

“All my life I faced unspoken judgment (discovered through my methods) that I am questionably overqualified or there’s something wrong with me. Because you cannot be good at so many things at once.”

Nothing more false.

That could be true if you’re still living according to the Industrial Revolution standards, where the carrots and sticks work. Otherwise, that thinking is a bit outdated in my opinion.
From my stand of view, everything I did and I continue doing has the same motivation I had when I was 14. Then, my tipping point kicked in. I was marked, or better say fascinated by the variety of faces a person can have and how in one second it can transform from an angel to demon.

I’ve learned two lessons then. One, people are unstable. Two, people are superficial. From that moment I decided to learn and understand how people actually work, no matter what I have to do for that. And I did. When I was 19 years old for example, I started working in my summer holidays, for three summers, with one of the geniuses of the XXI century, we have two in Romania, currently the inventor of cybernetic psychiatry.

Keeping up with the logic behind my actions, everything that followed was only the road of learning and discovery, a road which focused more and more on the business aspects, because career takes up so much in our lives.

For the last three years, I worked exclusively remotely, 80% for the US market, 20% for other countries such as Australia, Canada, Israel, UK, and Germany. But doesn’t matter where you are because implementing mental strategies, successful habits and attitudes to contribute capitalizing the human potential works anywhere and became possible with the power of the internet.”

Today, Cristina is more than driven to continue her journey by sharing all her knowledge and lessons she has learned and assimilated. For that, the role of keynote speaker suits her best besides building businesses. Regarding her writing (even if she already wrote four books and two manuscripts in the making) she decided that retiring time could be perfect for that; although she has no intention to retire. Ever. 

“I feel so fulfilled and happy when someone has that “aha moment,” and his or her life changes after our interaction that I have no restrains of talking in front of 5, 200 or 5000 people. And about the 1:1 coaching programs, well, those can make miracles happen. Each moment when someone’s life transforms to the better has a deep meaning for me and keeps being my main motivator. And when that someone has the power to change the lives of other thousands the impact of my work grows exponentially. It can save businesses, careers, lives. It’s so valuable.”

People who left their mark and continue to inspire her are Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill, Maxwell MaltzTony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Dan Ariely, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk

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