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Your “No-BS” High-End Coach For Your Current Problems and Goals

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Working with Cristina is like a unique journey of self-discovery and personal development, where problems are solved and goals achieved. Imagine someone who can light up the room and make everything clear and precise. Someone who can be both gentle as a close friend and firm like the toughest coach in the NFL.

Cristina will uniquely guide you, adjusting her proven methods to meet your needs, even when you don’t know you have them.

It depends on how much you can handle, what you want to achieve, and how soon. Because if you want more you need to become more, learn the right information, gain clarity, form new habits, shape the proper mindset, change behaviors, develop new relationships and master the right tools that work.


There are three ways to work with Cristina as a coach. Read below. 


Sometimes on the road what you need is that push, clarity, vision, the right game plan, or the right communication tools and channels – backed by a new perspective from someone objective, and who can discover what the subjective mind misses.
It may be an urging matter you want to overcome and now sure what to do, how to approach it. Or you want a second opinion to trace the right game plan. Or you’ve just went blank by feeling overwhelmed and you cannot see the tunnel. 
I’ve studied success, and worked with successful people from all fields (executives, entrepreneurs, public figures, sports). There are exact techniques for each problem, that can be implemented quickly in case of an emergency and painful issue that needs to be solved yesterday. 
I’ll be your quick fix in this instance, not excluding the possibility to upgrade to a new extended plan. 
We’ll do it through phone, Zoom, Skype or live if there is a possibility. 
High End Coaching Packages

"One of the reasons why we fail is that we refuse to get help when we need it. Everyone needs help at some point."

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2. HIGH-END COACHING PACKAGE (Optimal Agreement 6-12 Months)

This is the best way to produce long-lasting change, and usually involves extensive transformation in both business and life. 

At the core we’ll have personal development adjusted and personalized to the identified needs. I cannot see a separation between personal and professional, in the way that an issue that affects us from one side will impact the other. 

So I view my approach as a whole, fixing what it needs to be fixed, but focusing on your main goals and problems. 60% of cases the client comes with one issue, but we continue working on a different one. Meaning, we don’t know ourselves as much as we should.

You’ll get someone to keep you accountable, while pushing you in the right way. Building up the right strategy to accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could do makes the difference between highly successful and average.

We’ll work through phone, Zoom, Skype or live with a minimum of one session a month, ideally on a weekly basis. We’ll check what you need, don’t worry. 

Cristina Imre high-end coaching

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One DAY with Cristina is a fantastic, unique experience, where you’ll be challenged to play you’re A-Game in 8 hours. Intensive goal creation, strategy planning and steps, a rollercoaster of everything with the main focus on ONE goal.

You should leave energized, clear and precise about what you need to do, even transformed if we need some special techniques to lose some beliefs or fears. Depending on your goal we can have simulations, role-play and real-life scenarios to undergo.

Besides the short breaks to fuel our bodies with some delicious food, we’ll be in full gear, but you’ll love it because no minute will pass “just because.”

For “A Day with Cristina” you’ll travel to the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania – where you could book one extra day after or before, to enjoy the surroundings and feel the local vibe.

There is an option for Cristina to travel, but only in exceptional circumstances, and with an extra flat fee.

Cristina Imre high-end coaching

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Ready for the challenge? Coaching with Cristina is a transformational Journey by itself.

Each application will be reviewed, and if approved you'll be contacted to set up a preliminary phone call. Don't worry, real emergencies are treated accordingly.