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“When all makes sense, and you understand how things work you become unstoppable.”

“Every accomplishment comes from a series of small actions that form habits.”

“The new wave of  leaders is coming. Are you preparing? Are you on the map?”

Cristina Imre helping top performers reach their goals and solve problems

Are you in the top 10% or willing to do what it takes to be there?

You’re in the right place if you:

  1. Want to pursue your goals and continue to evolve by developing new abilities and solving your current challenges (you or/and your top 10% employees).

  2. Are an intelligent person with at least an inch of emotional intelligence (learned or developed).

  3. Have life experience, regardless of your age, with good and bad, probably many “failures,” some even resounding ones.

  4. Are too busy for irrelevant things, activities without any value; but in the same time, you are aware that there are simple things that matter and at least you try to make time for them, even if you’re not always successful.

  5. Want to change your mindset to be one of the 10%.

  6. Don’t waste time or ignore people who put you down and don’t know what to do with their lives.

  7. Are more and more focused on things that really matter. You see the change coming. 

  8. Know that there are universal laws that govern this world which can be learned or used for your advantage.

  9. Think long-term.

  10. Have a balanced thinking process, analytical when it needs to, and you do not swallow information without chewing.

  11. Care about yourself, others, society – having a healthy dose of empathy.

  12. Reached that point when you know that successful people are constant learners who invest in their development in all aspects.

  13. Don’t pursue bargains, special offers, but value and premium services.

  14. Have or had success, but some of the aspects of your business or personal life are not on the right track.

  15. Prefer to invest in assets rather than liabilities.

  16. Don’t need someone to tell you how great you are, but where are the black holes.

  17. Take responsibility for your current life and everything that happens to you, without constantly blaming others or an exterior force (family, friends, school, employees, colleagues, system, the country you’re living).

  18. Desire to become a true model and let something behind, without resonating with Louis XV by character and his famous quote, “After us, the flood.”

  19. Open new ways, and you’re not afraid to go where nobody was.

  20. Prefer buying time instead of selling it.

If you answered, “Yes, that’s me!” to at least three of the above statements it means that you are in the right place and we can work successfully together. These similarities will represent the starting point from where we can grow as much as you want. You or your business. In the case of events, you can find more information here.

“Time is the most precious resource to be wasted by a wild goose chase or "trying to save" people who don’t want, don’t know what they want and don’t do anything concrete for that (them, not the coach, mentor or trainer). Been there, done that. That's why those described above know that too, and the results are as expected.”


PEOPLE I WORK WITH? CEOs, top leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, public figures, athletes.

MY FAVORITE CLIENTS? Entrepreneurs with at least one fall in their past. 

WHY? Because of the impact, I can have to influence the lives of more people by the power that these type of people have. Not in the least, from my experience, these are the categories where I can find those who truly understand the meaning of DETERMINATION, not DISPAIR or MAGIC PILL.

HOW? Live or online through Zoom or Skype.

TOOLS WE USE: Your mind.

LANGUAGES: English or romanian. 

VOLUNTEERING: As a volunteer for many years I accept future projects (when I can and have the time); projects that I believe in, those that resonates with me and my core values. 

ETHICS: Each coachee and mentee will go through an ethic filter, mandatory for working together. People with no morals who want to use the power of our program to manipulate the masses around them, who are thinking only about themselves and their gains have zero chance to get in undetected. If you identify yourself as such please look elsewehere. 

IMPLICATION: Once you’re in, you’ll gain my entire implication for your problem or objective until the first is solved and the second achieved. As a collateral bonus, you’ll become part of my exclusive circle of clients which should bring you multiple benefits. You’ll find more  about them during our program once the time is right.  


Problem Solving and Goal Achievement with Cristina Imre

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“This is to highly recommend Cristina Imre as a trainer, executive coach and keynote speaker. I have known Cristina these past years and she is a highly capable professional who shares her ideas in a most engaging way. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and a very good communicator.”
Cristina Imre represents the ideal trainer for me! I recommend her with all my heart; all of her training or public speaking events; also the specific company programs she designs from scratch. After I’ve met her I’ve asked myself only one question: “Why haven’t we met before?”
“I wish she wouldn't be the only one (at least from all I know) who activates so professionally and ethically in her domain and to have more like her to create a much more qualitative and competitive marketplace. This way things would be much better in all areas.”

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Jim Rohn