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Keynote speech about the real meaning of communication and how to use it

The Secrets of Communication

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
The key that opens all doors is called communication. In a continuing digitized world, most of the main aspects of a true and efficient communication were forgotten or never known. Those who know them today are way far from the others...

Keynote speech about leadership and how to become a leader in your field

True Leadership

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
There are so many definitions of leadership that we could fill up a book. Mainly because there are different leadership styles as well. However, each of us can become a leader creating smaller or more significant impact for those around, it considers and pursues his or her mission...

Keynote speech about mental filters and their influence on reality

The F Factor

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
We cannot quantify the dimension of reality which exceeds our capability to process. The main point is that everything we think it's happening to us or what's happening, in general, represents only a glimpse of it. It's a unique, exclusive reality based on our internal filters...

Keynote speech about everything you need to know about real motivation

Motivation 3.0

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
Based on Daniel Pink's book, the term Motivation 3.0 succeeds to combine all the critical information about how motivation really works and how outdated our society and business environment is when it comes to applying the scientifically proved data obtained through validated researches...

Keynote speech about how can you grow your influence and charisma

Influence and Charisma

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
A charismatic man can move mountains through the influence he has on others. Even though some are lucky enough to be born with charisma, the good news for the rest of us is that this disadvantage can decrease by replicable methods and education followed by a growing dose of charisma...

Keynote speech about a winner character and the implications of sports

Profile of A Champion

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
Sports professionals gained many skills in developing a robust, resistant and winner character. That's because you cannot achieve any performance without those traits. These can be developed like a muscle, creating new patterns and destroying old limiting ones in any field...

Keynote speech about words, language and mind potential

The Power of Words

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
The mental capacity profoundly correlates with the abundance of our linguistic library, but also the spoken languages. The frequency, form, and meaning of the most used words and phrases empowered by the questions used by the mind determines our destiny...

Keynote speech about the importance of understanding millennials

Millennials are Human

Keynote: 45 - 90 min.
Understanding the new generation which very soon becomes the majority of our active workforce is vital today. That's because determines if we will face failed decades or flourishing ones...

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