This page is intended to confirm the highly professional track record of – Dr. Cristina Imre as a Business Development Strategist in multiple areas, Certified Business Trainer, Coach, and Public Speaker but not in the least entrepreneur and founder of Platinum Development. All of the testimonials below can be proven and confirmed.  You will find a selection of 20+1 testimonials from different industries and levels to create a view about the offered services. Have a nice read!

Sincere appreciation to all who were willing to share their experiences with those who didn’t have the occasion!

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PhD Robert D. Hisrich, Cristina Imre, testimonial, antreprenoriat,

PhD Robert D. Hisrich

“This is to highly recommend Cristina Imre as a trainer, executive coach and keynote speaker. I have known Cristina these past years and she is a highly capable professional who shares her ideas in a most engaging way. She is particularly capable of doing company training in communication, leadership, intrapreneurship, selling and customer service. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and a very good communicator.”

Robert D. Hisrich
Garvin Professor of Global Entrepreneurship
Director, Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship
Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA

testimonial, Semper Human, Kustav Kaser, Microsoft Romania, Cristina Imre,

Silviu Hotaran

“Cristina Imre impressed me with her powerful will, her enthusiasm and passion in pursuing her aspirations. I appreciate her contagious positive energy, her capacity always to identify opportunities, help businesses with viable strategies, her openness and compelling authenticity.”

Silviu Hotaran
Managing Director at GKTI Semper Human; Former CEO of Microsoft Romania & Central Europe

Anita Turti, Netex Consulting, testimonial, Cristina Imre,

Anita Turti

“Cristina Imre represents the ideal trainer for me! She opened my eyes at her NLP course; I become more sure about myself, more organized and much calmer.   I recommend her with all my heart; all of her training or public speaking events; also the specific company programs she designs from scratch. She designed an entire package for our leadership team during 8 months and we cannot be more satisfied with the results. After I’ve met her, I’ve asked myself only one question: “Why haven’t we met before?”

Anita Turti
CEO at Netex

Cristina Macovei, CEZ Romania, Cristina Imre, Testimonial,

Cristina Macovei

“The training led by Cristina kept my curiosity state and my impatience during 7 months, I was hardly waiting for every module to find out more exciting things. The practical applications were exceptional – they highlight all of your thinking and creative capacity completely.

The visible transformation of mine during and after these courses is the proof of an exceptional team and the efficiency of Cristina, who is a special trainer.”

Cristina Macovei
HR Manager Industrial Access / Former Responsible of CSR Projects, CEZ Romania

Laszlo Pacso,Business Days, Adesco, Cristina Imre, Testtimonial,

Laszlo Pacso

“Cristina is a faultless professional who combines the passion for what she does with empathy for those around her and with whom she interacts. Her genuine communication abilities and her solid professional skill set in her areas make all her messages  always hit the target. Our cooperation was flawless.”

Laszlo Pacso
President of ADESCO & GM at Business Days

Creola Zamfirache, ProTv, Cristina Imre, NLP Trainer, Testimonial,

Creola Zamfirache

“The first time I’ve met Cristina I was extremely surprised by the energy around her. We reunited at her NLP training  in Bucharest. I can say that I’ve met a lot of trainers, me preparing to become one, but what I admire at her is the way she conducts the course by integrating all the participants, in their own way, and her theoretical knowledge. Her passion during her speeches doubled by her knowledge; all being delivered in a very captivating way. She always takes care to deliver ecologically (NLP expression) and this you can feel from the first module. The openness, the right information, and ecology is what makes Cristina Imre a trainer to who is a pleasure to come.  Thank you, Cristina, for the absolutely wonderful moments spent next to you, and I wish you a lot of success  and training  like the one from Bucharest!”

Creola Zamfirache
Independent Trainer&Coach, Former Online Manager at ProTV Shows & PR Manager at AcasaTV

Werner-Wilhelm Wolff, Automobile Bavaria, BMW Romania, Cristina Imre, Testimoniale,

Werner-Wilhelm Wolff

“I wish she wouldn’t be the only one (at least from all I know) who activates so professionally and ethically in her domain and to have more like her to create a much more qualitative and competitive marketplace. This way things would be much better in all areas.”

Werner-Wilhelm Wolff
GM at TAROM / Former GM at Automobile Bavaria Group & Aftersales Manager at AH Schmidt Starnberg Muenchen

Ruxandra Popa, Cristina Imre, NLP Romania, testimonial,

Ruxandra Popa

“I can say that after Cristina’s course I remained with a feeling of inspiration, with the conviction that I’ve learned so much about the human mind and behavior, about techniques and strategies which unleash unthought resources, but most of all with a higher level of knowledge about myself and those around me.

Not in the least, I keep the joy of knowing quality people and the smile of those funny and original moments that Cristina created during the experience.

I thank you again; you will remain an inspirational source for me.”

Ruxandra Popa
Independent Trainer

Dacian Palladi, Consultanta in Afaceri, Cristina Imre, testimonial,

Dacian Palladi

“Cristina is a lot more sophisticated and stronger than she first may appear. With high availability and with endless patience she has, first of all, a capacity to listen and carefully observe all the seen and unseen signals of validity.

In fact, few know that she is a doctor due to her background and she applies with high success the practice of case history in the field of consultancy and training. The high level of her investigation is doubled with the right spirit and method, anchored solidly in the present business environment, domestic and international. After that, the alternatives are precisely formulated, with patience and care then presented to the clients and impeccably executed.

Then, the specifics of her own way transforms a professional business need in something more rich as a mature and pleasant human relationship. It is the kind of win-win relationship types which is hard to find but very beautiful.”

Dacian Palladi
City Director (Oradea, RO) / Administrator at Palladi Dacian – Business Consultancy / Public Figure

Todica Flori

Todica Flori

“The training with Cristina came precisely in the right moment when I was searching new solutions to help me develop, both personally and professionally.

I needed that to discover myself and give meaning to my life.

Through the modules, I succeeded to reconfigure my mental structure profoundly becoming prepared to overcome any obstacle.

I deleted the barriers of my thinking, I activated new behaviors and discovered the significant potential to accomplish my most daring objectives.

Thank you for your support, Cristina! Thank you for being next to me on this incredible journey of personal development, and now, I can share with joy and happiness my transformations since the first module until now. I’ve noticed that I succeeded to discover myself and know myself better, I have more courage to do necessary changes in my personal life, I grew the quality of my professional life substantially using the tools from the course. The results are showing and this motivates me to continue at the same pace. I recommend with pleasure this course, both for content but most of all for the professionalism of the trainer.”

Todica Flori
Authorised Mediator

Alexandru Marinca, Body Language, Limbajul Trupului, Cristina Imre, testimonial,

Alexandru Marinca

“Besides all of the achievements I had during the course with Cristina, maybe the most important is that I succeeded to take a huge step in the direction to achieve the biggest goal of my life: to be free! Thank you for everything Cristina!”

Alexandru Marinca
Body Language Expert at Nonverbal Communication Training

Catalina Fodor, trainer, testimonial, Cristina Imre,

Catalina Fodor

“Following her course I gained numerous benefits in my personal and professional life: self-confidence, motivation to pursue my objectives till the end, a better focus around me and implicitly a better communication with others. I’ve met great people and learned from them … Cristina helped us to put into practice what we’ve learned and come with lots of examples from the real life, making me see that it’s possible.

NLP can change lives, important is to be open to provocations.”

Catalina Fodor
Trainer & CSR Coordinator at DB Schenker

Calin Iepure, Toastmasters, Business Days, Cristina Imre, Testimonial,

Calin Iepure

“Cristina is almost a permanent trainer and speaker of Business Days events.

Doesn’t matter if it’s about communication, leadership, sales or personal development, she always succeeds to inspire and trigger of inner excellence for those around her.”

Calin Iepure
Coordinator Speaker Support Group – Business Days; Romania Division Governor of Toastmasters; Certified Trainer at Powerful Business Persuasion

Liliana Popa, Cristina Imre, testimonial, comunicare,

Liliana Popa

The communication course you conducted for our company was for me one of the best things that could happen to me in the last period. I’ve noticed that when I was communicating with people, I was looking at things from my point of view, without putting myself in the other’s shoes, and the results were different then I wanted.

Also, I became conscious of the importance of establishing objectives and goals, with the tools needed to achieve them. In my relationships with others around me, I’ve noticed a substantial improvement, and I work daily on eliminating my limiting beliefs, and for all of these things I thank you!”


Liliana Popa
Diana Gustere
Financial Department, AEM

Diana Gustere, comunicare, Cristina Imre, testimonial,

Diana Gustere

Cristina, your course is very practical, an excellent method for self-discovery and personal development!

Indeed, when we started, as many times happens with company training, I was not excited in the first place about the program, but this changed in the first module. Not one second I consider those days wasted taking the positive impact on me. They’ve brought me a lot of benefits, both on professional and personal life.

After 6 module significant changes took place in my life, in my behavior, in the way of thinking and seeing things, changes noticed by those around me, and accordingly, this helped to improve my relationships with them. I have a clearer picture of things, step by step I discover my abilities and qualities, and communicating with others is a lot more easier and better.

Now while I’m thinking back at who I was before I have the impression that I was blindfolded all of my life.

I will continue to put into practice all the techniques I’ve learned, and with the first occasion, I will see you again the results will be more evident.

You are an excellent trainer. Your passion during all these modules it’s amazing and the main reason for my desire to change my behavior.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done, for opening my eyes and for the trust in me during this course!”

Dan Sosa, testimonial, Cristina Imre, training companii,

Dan Sosa

“I will start by saying that I was fascinated from the beginning to the end by your powerful personality and the extraordinary talent to verbally and non-verbally transmit states and experiences which I could never imagine, much less to be aware of. During your courses, I was waiting to find answers to some questions I never had before. And something wonderful happened: for some questions, I found the answers myself; for others, I’ve lost the meaning, and they vanished. Of course, there are many more expecting answers, but I became aware of the fact that most of the solutions are inside us expecting to be found.  At the right moment.

I have learned many things from you. I understood everything I could from what you’ve transmitted (this means I am aware I did not catch all) and I had no difficulties to understand. This is amazing, and I say that because we have a language difference in the way of thinking, because of the specifics of our professions. And I was prepared to be hard to understand. But you knew how to make yourself understood.

Thank you for everything you’ve done possible to happen with me. Now and in the future.

And for sure I will ask for advice any time I will need it.”

Dan Sosa
CEO Instal Data Proiect

Maria Grapini, testimonial, Cristina Imre

Maria Grapini

“Ambition, determination, availability of effort are the qualities which I identified in Cristina Imre. Wish you all the best and further true accomplishments!”

Maria Grapini
Member of the European Parliament / Former Minister in the Romanian Government

Valentin Tuca, AON,

Valentin Tuca

“If you participate at Business Days it’s not possible to not want to know Cristina. She is charming as a speaker and impressive by her attitude and pathos. She is that type of professional who doesn’t miss the target. Ambitious, she knows what she wants and can persevere where others don’t. If you go to war with people like her, you cannot lose.”

Valentin Tuca
CEO AON South Eastern Europe

Daniel Mois

“Meeting Cristina I discovered live the sayings of Octavian Paler: “Life can be changed in a couple of hours by people who don’t even know you.”

We need self-knowledge, books, but most of all we need mentors, people full of energy, models to follow. People capable of using the GROUP SYNERGY, or better said to identify opportunities and create synergy.

And Cristina is a wonderful person, who has this gift. All you need to do is contact her, know her, understand her ideas and put yourself to work. You will have some work to do (over yourself of course), but in a couple of months, you will be a new person: better, more open, braver, richer (yes, including money!), more fulfilled and much happier. And this without too many notes, too many learning, or too much effort. Having a guide, a point of reference will be enough. The rest will come naturally.

And, very important, after you reached many of your goals already, and you finally start to have success, remind yourself to thank (at least in your thoughts) to those who motivated you. Or you can do it by writing. It worth it.

Thank you, Cristina!”

Daniel Mois
Trainer (TOT), Coach, Author, Personal Development Consultant

And the 20+ BONUS, speaks for itself:

“You are a model and a mentor to me.”